The Miracle of Christmas is that it Happens!

Date Posted: 01/12/2016

Is anybody else feeling ambushed by Christmas? Not a card written, present purchased or menu planned...this is going to be one slap-dash celebration which I am ...

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Rage: We’re Talking About Women We Know

Date Posted: 08/11/2016

This week Theatre Orangeville works with Family Transition Place to take on one of the toughest social topics we face today…violence against women. R...

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A Stage Manager is a Lighthouse too!

Date Posted: 07/11/2016

Kevin Olson is a regular at Theatre Orangeville. In five years, he’s served as Stage Manager for at least ten of our productions. Kevin’s seen a lot...

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Lighting The Lobby Walls

Date Posted: 01/11/2016

We're big on art at Theatre Orangeville, not just the triple threat of the performing arts: acting, singing and dancing. We love the visual...

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Lighthouse Distress

Date Posted: 27/10/2016

Cape Bear Lighthouse in  2014 before it was moved.  When we meet as a staff, we like to meet where the heart of Theatre Orangeville beats stron...

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