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Why Your Subscription Matters?

Date Posted: 18/10/2016

We know you love the theatre because we see you on a regular basis. You are our stalwarts, our core community, our folks who step up and put down their money mo...

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Step Through the Wardrobe with our Young Company this Weekend!

Date Posted: 25/08/2016

Pictured Above: Theatre Orangeville Young Company, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe.  When I was a girl my parents furnished our home with exo...

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This Candy’s Not Just For Kids!

Date Posted: 26/07/2016

Pictured Above: Theatre Orangeville Young Company, Willy Wonka 2016 Since the beginning of July we’ve seen little of our Artistic Director. He&rsqu...

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Group Sales Coordinator

Date Posted: 20/05/2016

Theatre Orangeville: Group Sales Coordinator Do you enjoy selling? Are you a people person with a passion for the arts? Do you pride yourself on your orga...

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Theatre Orangeville Recieves a $102,500 OTF Grant!

Date Posted: 16/05/2016

(Pictured Above: MPP Sylvia Jones, Fred Aitchison, David Nairn & Don Kidd) Let there be light! The much anticipated 2016/2...

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