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Audiences Can't Get Enough Of Jonas & Barry In The Home

Date Posted: 16/10/2015

Pictured Above: Norm Foster, Perrie Olthuis, & David Nairn

Photographed By: Pete Paterson

The reviews are in and audiences are loving Norm Foster’s newest comedy, Jonas & Barry In The Home. The first public preview was on Wednesday and tonight marks the official Opening Night of this show. After just two public performances, reviews have been pouring in from our audiences. Check out what they are saying about this laugh-out-loud comedy below! And don't forget, Jonas & Barry In The Home runs from Oct.15- Nov.1. Don't miss out on this incredible story; get your tickets today by calling our box office at 519-942-3423 or online at


“An absolutely excellent production! Well written and beautifully performed; one of the best productions yet! Jonas & Barry In The Home will be a great hit!” – K.C


“Sensational! Where does the river begin and where does it go?  Jonas uses this symbolism to reflect on life’s journey.  We learn Jonas was an actor and it is with his zest and flair for living, he encourages Barry, a fellow resident at the senior’s home to live life fuller.  Jonas questions Barry’s mundane and boring life as a dentist.  Jonas’ antics at the home will keep you in stitches.  You wait in anticipation of Jonas’ and Barry’s exchange. We learn that their humour is a playful response to both their lives past hurts and mistakes.  The play takes you on a myriad of laughter and sadness, and resolve to change that is uplifting and fulfilling.  Though years pass by, life’s still full of joy, life’s like a river.” – D.W


Jonas & Barry In The Home is now one of our favorite Norm Foster plays! David and Norm are so great when they perform together. They all did a magnificent job! We will be recommending this show to friends.” – R.F


“If you want a great evening out on the town. You need to see Jonas & Barry In The Home.” – S.L


“If you need laughter in your life, this is the show to go and see!” – Anonymous


Jonas & Barry In The Home is an incredibly funny and heartwarming play. Norm Foster has an immense ability to convey the truths in life. In the beginning the show seems simple in concept, but as the play progress it gets more complex and real. In life we laugh and we cry; Foster has the magnificent ability to find the balance in this enigmatic fact of life.” – M.L


"Jonas & Barry In The Home was one of the most entertaining plays I have seen, and I have seen a few.  I look forward to the next four plays in your season this year." - P.F   


"Jonas & Barry In The Home was poignantly funny. It was a joy to watch the cast and to enjoy the frantic pace of dialogue and humour." - M.R


"It was simply wonderful in every way - writing, production, and, of course, acting. Sorry, I have not been suggesting my friends see it - rather insisting, they would say." - S.B


"Super play! Not only were all three actors outstanding, but Norm Foster’s writing was his usual ‘wonderful’! My friends journey from Toronto to see all of Norm’s plays and are never disappointed." - L.E


"Jonas & Barry In The Home was a wonderful play. A terrific story that was beautifully acted. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. As subscribers, we can't wait for the next one." - W.H 







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