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Beatlemania is back!

Date Posted: 11/08/2015

As The Caverners' arrival to Theatre Orangeville approaches we find ourselves spending a lot time chatting about The Beatles around the office. The buzz is all about favourite albums, memories of watching 'The Ed Sullivan Show', comparisons between the generations on howThe Beatles have impacted our respective tastes in music! And, as we are a live theatre company, there is no shortage of the spontaneous singing of Beatles songs through out the office. During an impromptu Beatlemania discussions last week, Susan, our Visual Art Display Coordinator and Tourism Officer, casually mentioned she saw The Beatles in concert when they were here 50 years ago.  As she recollected that very exciting day, we all started to feel Beatlemania truly creep into the office. We couldn’t possibly retell her story with the same inspiration, but luckily, she didn't mind telling it again!

Has it really been 50 years since the Beatles came to Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto! I do remember it as yesterday! Like so many teens back then, my friend and I were huge fans of the Fab Four – John, Paul, George and Ringo. We didn’t know at the time that these four unlikely lads from Liverpool were about to change the world forever.

My dad agreed to take us to the airport to greet them. Toronto Airport was nondescript in those days; no fancy terminals. We, along with 1000’s of others, teens and adults alike, waited outside as CHUM Radio, on site, blared out Beatles songs and those of others from the UK (known as the British Invasion). After an all-day wait and imagining the Beatles walking down the plane stairs, waving and walking towards us with their silly antics, signing autographs, we were sadly disappointed when they landed elsewhere and were whisked off in a limousine down to the King Edward Hotel.   

However, we were among the lucky ones who had tickets to see them performing at the Gardens. My ticket cost $7 and worth every penny of my baby-sitting money. Girls were fainting with excitement before the show, anticipating the arrival of the four mop heads on stage. St. John Ambulance teams were set up in and around the venue. I remember someone fainting on the subway stairs as we approached Carlton Street. Once on stage, we could hardly hear the Beatles with the screaming. The camera flashbulbs gave a strobe-like effect. My heart was pounding with excitement as they sang “She Loves You”,  “Love Love Me Do”, “Can’t Buy Me Love” and many others. Along with millions of people worldwide we watched and listened as The Beatles evolved into the greatest rock n’ roll band ever. I’ve been to many concerts since then but I will never forget being part of Beatlemania, a great era in music history.       

- Susan







Photos: The Beatles hit Toronto 1964! Source: CBC

It may be too late to see the actual Beatles in concert, but The Caverners promise the next best thing. From ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ to Abbey Road, The Caverners Beatles Tribute has been exciting audiences with their note for note perfect portrayal of The Beatles in concert. With authentic instruments, costumes and stellar vocals, this all-Canadian cast recreates an incredibly realistic Beatles performance night after night leaving audiences screaming, stamping their feet and shouting for more! 

The Caverners hit the stage September 17 to 20, and tickets can be purchased by calling: 519-942-3423 or online: 

Above Photo: The Caverners Beatles Tribute (contributed photo)





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