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Incoming and Outgoing

Date Posted: 22/03/2016

They say two heads are better than one and for the past month Theatre Orangeville has had just that – an incoming and outgoing general manager. Outgoing GM Marilyn Logan liked the title, insisting her husband Daryl has always thought of her as outgoing! Incoming GM Bernadette Hardaker liked the support.

In 30 days Marilyn did a brain dump… passing along ten years of managing, coddling, figuring, supporting, hauling, meeting, negotiating, worrying and planning. In her gentle, thorough fashion the outgoing GM transferred company knowledge in such a way that the new GM’s brain did not explode. Next year’s budget completed, a major grant application submitted, new season brochure finalized. Just a few of the jobs checked off the list with two at the helm. 

On Wednesday staff gathered at Soulyve to say goodbye to our Marilyn. There were lots and lots of laughs, more than a few tears and of course tributes. Our leader Artistic Director David Nairn said it best: “The people in this room are the heart of this organization, but Marilyn you are its soul.” 

The great thing about souls is, they are eternal and so is Marilyn. She may not be checking daily sales reports anymore, but she won’t be staying away. She can’t. We know where she lives.

Marilyn Logan has made an indelible contribution to the success of Theatre Orangeville. This head is excited to know how that head will continue to do so in the days ahead.  

- Bernadette

Photo Credit: Tim Moore



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