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Mending Poles

Date Posted: 30/03/2016

Orangeville residents were let off easy this icy Easter weekend. While friends and family from Caledon to Mulmur, and Adjala to Amaranth, were coming into town to fill water jugs, take showers and share hot meals, Orangeville families carried on as usual with barely a flicker in their lights. At Theatre Orangeville cast and crew worked through the holiday weekend putting the final touches on what will be another Norm Foster hit, Mending Fences, opening this Friday, April 1. 

Driving, it’s easy to see the results of nature’s dramatic pruning. Limbs torn from giant maples, poplars snapped liked toothpicks, birches bent to the ground and just now returning to their traditional pose. Property owners already have piled twisted branches by the roadside. Hydro crews are everywhere, and have come from all around the province to help out.

Monday, they once again proved what they do so well. Glancing westward up Broadway from the Visitor Information Centre just after two o’clock, theatre staffer Lisa Turza noticed a hydro pole at the NW corner of Highway 10 and Broadway swaying with each heavy wind gust. Not just a bit – a lot. The pole listed by least 5 degrees.  Vehicles drove by steadily. Those making the right hand turn into town were most vulnerable. After a few phone calls and a few minutes, Orangeville Hydro crews showed up with a cherry picker. Watching that worker trying to lasso that pole was something to see.  Watching another worker anchoring the guy wire was terrifying. They obviously knew what they were doing. By five o’clock a new pole was installed and the crews were long gone. Amazing!

At Theatre Orangeville we’re mending fences on stage. Out there Orangeville Hydro is mending poles for real.

- Bernadette 


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