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Norm Foster's Mending Fences Leaves Audiences Wanting More!

Date Posted: 05/04/2016


Pictured Above: Norm Foster, Heather Hodgson & Derek Ritschel

Photography By: Pete Paterson

The reviews are in and audiences are loving Norm Foster's newest Theatre Orangeville production, Mending Fences. After its weekend premiere, the reviews have been pouring in from audience members. Check out what they are saying about this hilarious dramedy below! And don't forget, Mending Fences runs from March 31 - April 17. Don't miss out on this incredible show; get your tickets today by calling our box office at 519-942-3423 or online at 



"Mending Fences was thoroughly enjoyable. Poignant, insightful, funny. Norm Foster as Harry the ‘doesn’t like change’ curmudgeonly stuck in his ways character, was terrific. I would recommend this play to friends!" - I.M.

"Mending Fences is classified as a "dramedy" and what a perfect way to describe it! Norm Foster puts humour into adult situations and makes the audience laugh with his comedic relief." - L.A.

"Norm Foster’s Mending Fences is the perfect combination of laugh-out-loud humour and serious drama, in its exploration of the estranged relationship between a father and son. Like father, like son, as they reveal both their foibles and their new understandings of each other. There are many poignant moments between these two characters, and the woman who helps them mend their fences, that may make you reflect on some of your own relationships. Do you both say and show how you feel? Are your conversations really about what they seem to be about, or something deeper? Do yourself a favour: go see this play to have some laughs and think about your own fences that may need mending." - J.H.

"Even if you cannot personally relate to the storyline of Mending Fences, it's easy to get lost in the characters and truly care about those on stage. Mending Fences will have you laughing out loud and pull on your heart strings all at once." - L.A.

"We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed Mending Fences. We had persuaded my sister and her husband to attend as we were sure that we would all enjoy it and they liked it as well. I think that the two Norm Foster plays which were presented this year have been our all time favourites throughout the many years we have been attending Theatre Orangeville." - L.R.

"As always Theatre Orangeville put on another great performance. As with every show, we laugh and I always keep a tissue close by for when my wife sheds a tear or two."`- W.H.

"We so enjoy our experiences at Theatre Orangeville.We have already shared how much we enjoyed Mending Fences with our Toronto crowd . Hopefully some will make their way up to Orangeville to see it too!" - D.E.

"Great Show, enjoyed every minute of it! I am telling everyone I know what a great production Mending Fences is."`- K.S





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