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Trudeau Stories: Yours and Mine

Date Posted: 02/02/2018

It was a dark and snowy night in downtown Ottawa. Two university students blew off studying to catch a movie. The Elgin Cinema was almost empty. Just as the cre...

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Theatre Orangeville removes barriers to a larger audience - James Matthews - The Orangeville Banner

Date Posted: 15/12/2017

  Theatre Orangeville will offer a relaxed perfromance Dec. 19 of The Last Christmas Turkey, A Musical, at the Town Hall Opera House. A relaxed perf...

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Even Vegetarians will Love the Turkey!

Date Posted: 16/11/2017

You can’t live within 90 minutes of Theatre Orangeville and not love Dan Needles. He’s given us so much…his wit, his writing, Walt Wingfield!...

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Sweet! Sweet! Summer Romance!

Date Posted: 20/10/2017

   Fall may be finally here, but if summer’s sultry memories still linger and you find yourself playing what if, I wonder, or whatever happen...

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Theatre Orangeville is deeply saddened by the loss of Cathy Elliot

Date Posted: 17/10/2017

Our hearts are with the family and friends of Cathy Elliott as both our community, and the Canadian Theatre community have tragically lost an incredible treasur...

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