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Reading through a Stag and Doe

Date Posted: 22/04/2016


Before opening night, before the set is loaded on stage, before the sound and lights are designed and the costumes selected, there are the actors, in street clothes, sitting across from each other at a table in the rehearsal hall. At one end of the table is the director. At the other is the stage manager.  Before them all, are copies of the script. Support-staff sit on the sides in wrangled chairs, a makeshift audience. This is day one of rehearsals – the all-important read through of our last mainstage production of Theatre Orangeville’s 22nd season, Stag and Doe.

The read through gives the actors a chance to stretch their chops and try out their parts in front of the rest of the cast, a sort of first reckoning.  It’s much the same for the director. He gets an an unvarnished look at his talent pool. For the stage manager it’s a chance to gauge the personalities and energy of the individual players. For the peanut gallery, it’s the big reveal. The script we read months ago is lifted off the page and the play comes to life!

Stag and Doe doesn’t just lift its lazy head. It explodes with energy propelled by its six talented young stars delivering Mark Crawford’s bull’s eye script. This is the story of two brides and two events, on the same day in the same hall, and the mayhem which ensues behind the scenes in the kitchen. The knives come out, quite literally, zingers fly and there could be a bit of a catfight. For insurance purposes, Exceptional Risk riders have been attached to all the actors’ contracts!

From what we saw at the read through, Stag and Doe the play promises to deliver everything a stag and doe does in real, laughs, conflict and resolution all washed down with salty snacks and shots of alcohol-laced coloured gelatin. Come see what an arm’s length of raffle tickets buys in our hall May 5 to May 22.

- Bernadette


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