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Spectacular Senior

Date Posted: 27/10/2015

Every show that graces the Theatre Orangeville stage presents a new “cleverness”. Something we haven’t seen before, a unique underlying message or some element of ingenuity. Whatever it may be, at Theatre Orangeville we want our audience to take something away from each of our productions. We asked Jonas & Barry In The Home Director, Derek Ritschel what element of “cleverness” is present in this laugh-out-loud comedy.

The cleverest thing about Jonas and Barry In The Home, is the social message it sends to the senior population of our society. Through humorous and heartbreaking dialogue Mr. Foster directly speaks to his fellow seniors, yes - technically he is a senior himself now. He sends the message loud and clear that being a ‘senior’ does not mean it’s time to slow down and reflect on past accomplishments; or dwell on long ago failures. It is instead a time to grow, learn and contribute to the human experience. It’s a time to live, embrace and experience every ounce of the human fabric we all weave together.

Life, no matter how much of it we have left, has something wonderful waiting for us all just around the next corner. There is laughter, there is joy, there is love. All you need to do is take another step forward to enjoy the journey; a journey that each and every one of us deserves.

We know that at Theatre Orangeville our subscribers are some of our greatest assets. Each and every one of them helps tell the story of Theatre Orangeville. We asked our subscribers to share a story about a ‘Spectacular Senior’ in their life.  Someone who has not let something as silly as age slow them down or someone who has embarked on a new adventure later in life. We all have our own definition of what spectacular is, so we wanted you to tell us what and who is spectacular to you.

And you did! Check out this incredibly inspiring ‘Spectacular Senior’ story penned by Theatre Orangeville friend Joy Bell.



Kay MacGregor, in her 80’s, continues to live life with energy and enthusiasm.  Throughout her career, operating a very successful business in Orangeville, Kay was a major contributor to the success of St. Mark’s Choral Society and Orangeville Music Theatre, designing and sewing countless costumes and appearing on stage in all their productions. When Theatre Orangeville had its inaugural year in 1994, Kay got involved by providing her home for the actors to stay.  Throughout the years with Theatre Orangeville, Kay has served as an usher, wardrobe manager, volunteer coordinator, actor and House Manager.  At the Arts and Culture Awards in 2013, Kay was presented with a very prestigious commemorative award for her years of volunteering.

Upon her retirement, Kay renewed her interest in art by taking painting lessons and opening a studio of her own at the Alton Mill, where she was able to paint and showcase her excellent work.  She continues to spend a great deal of time painting in her own home, today. 

 Kay’s children, their spouses and her grandchildren are her pride and joy and she continues to makes time for them in her life.  Despite a few major surgeries late in life, Kay always bounces back, due to her determination. 

Kay’s generous, kind heart is evident in many ways.  If you are sick, Kay is the first one over to visit with her home-made soup.  If you need advice, Kay will lend a listening ear and offer support and encouragement.   Kay never refuses an invitation to be involved in an event or to support a charity. 

We should all wish for such a fulfilled, worthwhile life.  Someone to remember.


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