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Stories of Rural Life! Salad Bowl 911

Date Posted: 14/01/2015

Salad Bowl 911

Submitted by:  

Andrea Sammut

Mono, Ontario


When an emergency happens, it's important to be prepared.
It's vital to have all the proper tools and life saving equipment at the ready.
With this in mind, the alarm rang out when Joe began back filling fence post holes. We quickly saw that they were filled with mud and helpless frogs of every kind...backed into the mud with only the frightened eyes blinking in the sunlight of the newly exposed holes.

We quickly gathered the necessities- kitchen tongs, oven mitts and the biggest salad bowl we could find. Working as a team, we reached deep into each posthole and snatched the slimy little guys from the brink of death. Can you imagine anything worse than being squished to death with a ten foot pole?  Neither could we, so we set about emptying all 140 postholes. We created a relay team, one to search for victims, one to reach for the reluctant frogs (we chose the guy with the longest arms for this part!), one to check for injuries and once given a clean bill of health, one person to run them in the salad bowl to the edge of the pond.

A few of the frogs seemed disoriented and showed signs of confusion. We were concerned at their attempts to jump back in the holes, and ultimately had to redirect a few back to the pond.
We back filled our postholes in one day and made certain that they were frog free.

This is not the first time that we have had to use this lifesaving equipment. It came in handy when we needed to rescue two baby robins when their nest was blown over in a windstorm. Poor little creatures were lying wet and transparent on the gravel below their nest. Gently, we scooped them into the salad bowl, dried them with a tea towel warmed in the dryer and used the soup ladle to deposit them back into their newly repaired nest. Unfortunately, one could not be saved, however, one did survive the ordeal. We named him Edgar and had the pleasure of watching him grow and eventually fly away.

You never know when an emergency may happen...keep those oven mitts handy.

Mom and wife, Mortgage Administrator, Crazy pug lady, desperately wading through social media to become a master, Andrea can be spotted at Mortgage Architects located at 94 Broadway!



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