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Suddenly Mommy! A Fun-Filled Night Out.

Date Posted: 22/02/2016

Pictured Above: Anne Marie Scheffler 

Photograph By: Pete Paterson

The reviews are in and audiences are loving Anne Marie Scheffler's one-woman comedy show, Suddenly Mommy! After its premiering weekend at Theatre Orangeville, the reviews have been pouring in from audience members. Check out what they are saying about this laugh-out-loud comedy below! And don't forget, Suddenly Mommy! runs from February 18- March 6. Don't miss out on this incredible show; get your tickets today by calling our box office at 519-942-3423 or online at 



Suddenly Mommy! is perfect for a girls night out or a date night with your significant other. She is quite funny and keeps the audience’s attention. I found myself laughing out loud on many occasions. I was impressed at how you almost forget you were watching one woman go back and forth between characters. Anne Marie Scheffler did it with grace. I like that she added some “adult” humour in her show. The guys seem to enjoy it in the audience as well. Anne Marie is a local girl born in Hockley Valley and had made some funny references to that as well.” – M.V

“Suddenly Mommy!, written and performed by Anne Marie Scheffler is a clever and cute show portraying how suddenly becoming a mom is a rollercoaster experience of unexpected good, bad, and frustrating times. Judging from the audience’s laughter Anne Marie touched on a realistic part of motherhood. Her portrayal of Celine Dion was quite amusing and Anne Marie smoothly moved from one character to another. I found myself agreeing with many of her experiences and found it easy to relate to her. I enjoyed the show and the theatre, and it was apparent that from the laughter and cheers the rest of the audience did as well.” – D.T

“I enjoyed and found the show "Suddenly Mommy!" very funny and thought that Anne Marie Scheffler did an excellent job of portraying motherhood." - M.K

"Anne Marie's ideas were well presented in a funny, entertaining manner. The changing into different outfits helped to realize her different moods. I liked the way she layered her clothes and she was easily able to add/remove them to resume her characters. I enjoyed the side light and the face when she mentioned her step daughter and mother-in-law. I found this presentation very entertaining and it certainly portrayed what it is like to be a mother in a very humorous manner.” – L.W

“Anne Marie Scheffler is an amazing one-woman comedy act. Any mother would have no trouble relating to her humorous experiences as a mom herself. Her Celine Dion impression was priceless. Thanks Anne Marie for an entertaining two hours.” – B.W

“Since this was our first time at this venue, let me say a few words about Theatre Orangeville. It was a very good comfortable  venue for this type if performance. The temperature was quite comfortable and very clean. The seating was great with good leg room (which I appreciate greatly). Good lighting and the audio was very good, even though I wear hearing aids.. The whole experience was very good and I would gladly attend other functions at this location. When my wife told me we were going to a small town theater to see a one woman show written and performed by a local home town girl, I thought well ok, let’s have a night out. I was really surprised and enjoyed it totally.  I hadn’t seen Anne Marie Scheffler prior to this and was totally please to find that she is a very competent and complete actress, great timing and animated characterizations. She controlled the evening and had the audience in stitches the whole time. Loved her ad libs with the audience, I could see her pride in presenting to a hometown crowd. The fact that she also wrote the play is even more impressive. The stories very real and honest, right on the mark for most parents. I found ourselves in very many of the situations she presented. I especially could relate the bedtime stories and reading to the children, that was totally a DADDY trick. I hope she enjoyed a special pride in being able to display her many talents to the local and hopefully friendly crowd. Great job. My only complaint about the evening?  I didn’t win the 50/50 draw. Congratulation on putting on a great performance.” – D.S

“I enjoyed and found the show "Suddenly Mommy" very funny and thought that Anne Marie Scheffler did an excellent job of portraying motherhood. It was a one-woman show but when she acted out those other roles, I felt there was a cast of players on stage. She really made them come to life. I could just visualize her husband, friend, kids, etc. talking to her. I really liked the sister who could do everything and having her pulling imaginary wool was just perfect. Anne Marie really nailed her character version of Celine Dion.  Putting on the scarf with sparkles, raising her arms, the lighting, and the French Canadian accent certainly captured the mood. I would have enjoyed watching her do the dialogue for her step daughter and her mother-in-law as I'm sure Anne Marie would have done them justice.” –K.S

“My husband and I had the privilege of attending Suddenly Mommy last evening. What a wonderful show! Anne Marie Scheffler is outstanding in this one-woman show. She kept us laughing all evening. Her switches from one character to another we're easy to follow. Absolutely loved it. Well worth the drive from Brampton!” – J.S

“Go see the laugh out loud hilarious Suddenly Mommy! at Theatre Orangeville by playwright and star Anne Marie Scheffler.  She is a great comedienne. Anyone can relate to the experiences she laughingly shows us on stage about being a spouse, a partner, a parent. All the characters she portrays, including a fantastic send up of "mudder" and celebrity star  singer Celine Dion are so funny!  Do not miss this great show.” –S.W

“As a mother of two boys I found "Suddenly Mommy" hilariously relatable! Anne Marie Scheffler perfectly described the daily struggles and tribulations of being a mother. I laughed out loud at her comedic depiction of motherhood. The performance-particularly the piece on the bedtime battle left me giggling long after the show had ended.”  - L.A

“Suddenly Mommy” is a delight!  Anne Marie Scheffler shines in her sole delivery of the trials and tribulations of motherhood.  Her hilarious performance is sure to relate to mothers of all ages.  Great show!”  - D.V

“Well worth the drive from Cambridge or anywhere!  An awesome, highly entertaining, one woman show.  Anne Marie does an amazing job of all her characters, and I loved them all!” – D.B



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