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Theatre Fun While You're Away From the Stage!

Date Posted: 26/03/2020

Hey Everyone! 


Theatre Orangeville know’s everyone is missing the stage and their programs right now because we are too, but just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you have to stop acting!! Here are five theatre games you can play at home! Remember to share a video or picture of you playing one of these games on social media and tag us! 



Everyone writes down something to act out and puts it in a bowl. Everyone takes turns acting out the word that they pulled from the bowl. If you know it is your word you cannot guess! Have fun with the words you choose! 


2.Popsicle Stick Theatre 

Write out a story either by yourself or with others, then create puppets for your characters. Design your puppets to look like the way you imagined your characters. Click Here for some different popsicle stick animal puppet templates! Next you hang up a sheet or hide behind your sofa and perform for your audience! 



3.One Word at a Time Story

The goal of this game is to tell a story. Everyone sits around in a circle and one person at a time says one word and then the next person continues on attempting to create a story matching the previous word and so on and so forth.You continue going around the circle with each person only saying one word at a time until your story is done. A fun option is to add a theme to each round. This game is my favourite! 


4.Imagination Walk

You start the game by walking around the room like you normally would. A person then yells out something that can be acted out and you must act like that object would walk. For example if someone yells out “SPAGHETTI” I must now walk around the room like I think spaghetti would walk around the room! This game gets very funny!


5.Reading Theatre 

Pick out your favourite short story. Each person gets to be a character in the story some people can even be two characters in the story! Read the story together and act it out! The book is your script. If you would like to use some scripts that are available online Click Here. Rehearse your play and pull together your audience, whether that is you stuffed animals, your dog or a parent. Have fun! 



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