21 Cocktails in 21 Acts

Directed by David Nairn,  Theatre Orangeville
Queen Victoria cut her whisky with red wine and the Margarita is not the national drink of Mexico. In Raise Your Spirits! 21 Cocktails in 21 Acts Theatre Orangeville’s Artistic Director David Nairn mixes, shakes and stirs up an entertaining how-to book, to expand your skill and range of fancy alcohol-based drinks. Not surprisingly, each cocktail is lovingly directed like a tiny one-act play. With his trademark humour and sublime story-telling David pours with a steady hand in these unsteady times. Raise Your Spirits! delivers fun, with a twist. It’s a must-have addition to any well-stocked liquor cabinet or seasonal stocking. All proceeds go to support Theatre Orangeville programming. Cost is $20. Supply is limited!



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