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The Gift Of The Magi
November 26 - December 20

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Playwright’s Notes

The full length production of The Gift Of The Magi produced at Theatre Orangeville was the result of a discussion I had with David Nairn after he had seen the one act version – the adaptation of just one O. Henry short story – produced by Toronto’s Smile Theatre Company in 2013.  Inspired by the opportunity to develop it into a full length musical, my work began.  The musical tells the story of Jimmy Valentine, down on his luck and on the wrong side of the law for most of his life.  Jimmy meets the beautiful Della and life takes an unexpected turn.  Now it’s Christmas, and although neither has any money, both are prepared to make a great sacrifice in order to buy the perfect gift for the love of their life.


Director’s Notes 

The opportunity to help contribute artistically towards the birth of a new musical such as The Gift of The Magi is a rare “gift” indeed! 

For everyone involved in this unique creative process it is a gift bound up as an act of faith, of belief and of love.

“Faith” that you, as I continually find myself, will be swept along by the sheer beauty of Leslie Arden’s brilliant music and enchanting script!

“Belief” that it will prove to be one of the finest works ever created on your stage!

Leslie has managed to successfully capture the lively spirit and essential truths of several wonderful stories by O. Henry while reminding us in her own unique way that “Love” is truly is the greatest gift that any of us can give or receive.

May you and yours enjoy a blessed holiday season!