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Jonas & Barry In The Home
October 15 - November 1

Up Next! Jonas and Barry In the Home

Playwright’s Notes

For a few years now my good friend David Nairn has been pestering me to write what he calls ‘The Boca Play’.  The Boca play is the play that he expects he and I will be performing together for retirees in Florida long after we have worn out our welcomes here in Canada.  We will tour senior’s facilities and play dinner theatres in gated communities by night, and become serious Mahjong hustlers by day. Jonas And Barry In The Home is that play. How did I come up with the characters? Well, I got tired of having to colour my hair to play characters ten years younger than I am, so I wrote seventy-year old Jonas Ainsworth for myself. I wrote sixty-seven year old Barry Butterfield for David because he insisted his character be younger than mine. And our good friend Perrie Olthuis is playing Barry’s daughter, Rosie Voight. We chose Perrie for the role because with only three actors in the play, we thought we should have at least one with talent. I think this play is going to be a lot of fun for everybody.  And who knows, you might even shed a tear along the way. I know I shed one or two as I was writing it, thinking that my future will consist of touring gated communities in Florida with David Nairn.


- Norm Foster


Director’s Notes


“You can’t make other people happy. You need to take care of yourself, embrace life and find your happiness; and then those around you will follow suit in their own time.” 

~ Common Sense


When I first read Jonas and Barry In The Home this was the first thing I thought of. This play makes one think about what this simple truth truly means. It makes us look around and say “Is this the happiness I truly deserve?” Sometime we need a friend to remind us to take care of ourselves, to respect ourselves and to love ourselves. It seems so simple yet for many of us it’s truth that we lose sight of all too quickly. Hopefully we all have that special someone to shake us up a bit if we get too low. 


It is my hope that Jonas and Barry In The Home is that special something for many of you. If this play makes you walk out of the theatre and decide that life is too short and you are going to find what truly makes you happy in this world...then I say that this play is a wonderful gift to us all.


- Derek Ritschel