2024 World Theatre Day StageTOScreen Relaunch

Past Theatre Orangeville Show Posters and StageTOScreen Logo
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In celebration of World Theatre Day 2024, please check out this special note from our Artistic Director David Nairn, about the relaunch of our online streaming service, StageTOScreen. StageTOScreen gives you the ability to enjoy YOUR theatre wherever, whenever! Check out the trailer below to get a little taste of what you can enjoy on StageTOScreen and read for a special message from David...

Since we launched StageTOScreen, in celebration of World Theatre Day in 2022, it has become an important means by which we can augment the live Theatre Orangeville experience by including online audiences from around the province, from around the country … and from around the world!

Let me share with you a delightful story that was passed along to me by one of our long-time subscribers …

The family had a 20-year tradition of attending Theatre Orangeville during the holiday season, but as the family grew and life took them hither and yon, they really missed their “theatre” time spent as a family.

 Through the StageTOScreen format, they sat in their own homes and hit play at the same time, albeit they were in Nova Scotia, Alberta and BC, and together, they once again shared all the joy and magic that is Theatre Orangeville!

We always want to see your smiling face in person, but should you not be able to join us in the theatre for some reason, you can always take in a Theatre Orangeville show in the comfort of your own home … or on some sunny beach … or anywhere else that your heart desires!

 With over 30 world-class productions now available to you online, a number that grows with every production that we do, you never have to miss a single moment of all the great stories we have in store for you, your friends and your family.

We have made some recent exciting changes to the StageTOScreen delivery platform, so that all programming options are now available through our website… and we are adding creative content more frequently, including FREE content and behind-the-scenes videos.

See you in YOUR (live or online) theatre, really soon!

To learn more about how to use StageTOScreen, check out this how-to video featuring our Assistant Technical Director, Dan - also known as our StageTOScreen expert!

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