About our Academy

Our Academy is like no other. We have programming for people of all ages and abilities, exploring every aspect of theatre performance and production.

From intro-to-theatre to full-scale productions and everything in between, the Academy embodies our belief that theatre is for everyone. Everyone’s lives can be enriched by theatre.

The Academy embodies our belief that theatre is for everyone

It’s not about churning out professional actors, playwrights, stunt people, or scenic artists.

It’s about stepping into someone else’s shoes, seeing through their eyes, and speaking their thoughts.

It’s about learning who you are, and who you are in relation to the world.

It’s about engaging with the humanity of everyone around you.

And yes, we make silly faces and sing silly songs and create crazy characters along the way. (‘Cause it’s also about not taking yourself too seriously!)

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Theatre is for everyone

No has ever, or will ever, been turned away from Academy programming as a result of financial difficulty. For more information about our Academy tuition bursaries, please contact Kait.

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