Did You Know... Opening Nights at Theatre Orangeville

Opening Night World Premiere at They're Found In Trees on Theatre Orangeville Stage
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Taking you inside what to expect at an Opening Night performance on our Mainstage at TOV

If you've ever been lucky enough to attend an Opening Night performance of any of our Mainstage productions at Theatre Orangeville - you definitely know why they are the BEST KEPT SECRET at TOV (until now!).

Every season, each performance featured on our Mainstage typically has 2-3 preview performances... but then, bring on OPENING NIGHT! This is the night you want to try and get tickets to - not that any night of any performance on our Mainstage isn't spectacular, but Opening Nights tend to be attended by some of Orangeville's finest (our Mayor, Board Members, TOV Team, actors and artists from previous and upcoming productions, media and more). Getting an opportunity to attend an Opening Night not only gets you a seat to some great entertainment and shows on our stage, it also gets you into the after-party!

That's right - each and every Opening Night performance on our stage, is followed up with food and drink (typically generously donated and catered by our local area hospitality sponsors), along with an opportunity to meet the cast, director, stage manager and creative team, and more.

Opening Nights are something to remember here at Theatre Orangeville. If you want to take advantage of this great value-added feature (all included in the price of your Opening Night ticket) - be sure to reserve your seat NOW for The Last Christmas Turkey - Opening Night is Friday December 2nd (mark your calendars). Click here to be a part of the excitement.

Most recently we brought out our best for those in attendance for They're Found In Trees on Opening Night, Friday October 14th. Check it out!

Food and Snacks Opening Night at They're Found In Trees
Food and Snacks offered to those in attendance Opening Night at They're Found In Trees generously provided by Lavender Blue/Le Finis
Cast, Director + Playwright of They're Found In Trees
Our Cast, Director & Playwright for They're Found In Trees on Opening Night: Left to Right: Reid Janisse, David Nairn, Norm Foster, Robin Schisler, Jacob James

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