Our Summer Programs and the Top 5 Reasons To Attend

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If you're looking for a great summer program for your children to participate in - we definitely hope you'll consider our Theatre Orangeville Academy programs this year!

We offer 3 unique programs, with the opportunity for kids ranging in ages from Grade 2 to Grade 12 an chance to learn about theatre, musical theatre, and get a behind the scenes understanding of our shows and how they come to life. It will also give them a sense of community and confidence along the way. Read on to learn more about our unique programs and the Top 5 Reasons a Theatre Orangeville Academy program may be right for your family this summer

Our Programs:

Our Young Company Musical Production will come to life in July - and our group will be putting on The Addams Family Musical. This program does require an audition and tuition for the month-long program is $875. This includes daily programming, rehearsals, set building, in-theatre rehearsals, and culminates with a Theatre Orangeville mainstage show on July 28th, 29th and 30th. Offered to youth grade 7-12, being a part of a TOV Young Company Summer production gives children the chance to see a show through from start to final curtain call and be a part of every step of the process. The cast & crew will participate in handing out flyers at the Orangeville Farmers Market and take a true ownership for their show. Auditions are happening May 13th & 14th, with a second round of auditions that will be hosted at a later date (TBD).

Learn More & sign up to audition for The Addams Family Musical

Our Young Company Drama presentation will go into production this August. This year we will be putting on the show PUFFS. Now, what is PUFFS you ask? Well, it's the story of a young magical boy, who lives somewhere in England, and attends a magical school... and, well - you can hopefully IMAGINE the rest. Yes, yes, due to copyright restrictions and riders for the show, we can only reference the crossover reference this show will hold... Mostly because we don't want to get sued!

Riders and references aside, this month-long Young Company Drama program will come to an end with performances of PUFFS on August 25th, 26th and 27th. With the same outline and programming as our Musical production, spots will be offered to youth from grade 7-12 and also requires auditions. Auditions are being held on May 15th & 17th and there will also be a second call for auditions at a TBD date.

Learn More & sign up to audition for PUFFS

Our Summer Camps are a fantastic opportunity for youth from grade 2-6 to get involved in Theatre and spend a week making new friends while learning about themselves and earning a sense of self-confidence. Operating for one week in July (10th-14th) and one week in August (14th-18th) our Summer Camps promise an exciting week where we explore scripted and unscripted work, improvisation, movement, elements of stage presentation, and character development inspired by stories and imaginations. We will build on their theatre skills through creative activities and interactive games. At the end of the week, the children will put on a final presentation to share our ideas!

Learn More & sign up for our Summer Camp Weeks

Top 5 Reasons to Attend:

  • Children who are enrolled in a Theatre Orangeville Academy Summer Program have the opportunity to grow their skills within the arts community. They have the chance to learn so many cool new things through hands-on and participatory learning. Campers and Young Company participants gain experience in acting, designing, directing and so much more!
  • Our Academy Programs provide the opportunity to build social skills, along with learning collaboration tools. Theatre presents a community building opportunity, and our programs allow participants to share, communicate and shine as a team and individually.
  • Youth who join our Summer Programs will grow their passion for the arts. Led by passionate art educators - all our staff are trained in theatre and education and have the desire to share their knowledge and passion for theatre with these little learners, inspiring the next generation of theatre makers.
  • Campers and Young Company actors will build confidence through these programs. With many opportunities to present their skills, perform skits, and share their ideas while being heard by their peers and educators these Campers and Young Company actors gain experience to build their comfortability and confidence on the stage and while working in a group.
  • OUR SUMMER PROGRAMS ARE FUN, FUN, FUN! Participants in Theatre Orangeville Summer Camps or our Young Company productions can not only expect to learn a lot about theatre, the behind the scenes work that goes into a production, and how to actually bring a show to life - but they will do all of this while having FUN and creating new friendships, lasting memories, and learning a bit more about themselves in the process.

We hope you'll consider joining us this summer!

For more information - you can contact us or you can click on any of the links above to register for auditions for our Young Company or sign up for Summer Camp.


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