R Word

The R Word

Community Living Dufferin and Theatre Orangeville have created an in-school dialogue program called The R Word. This program is dedicated to encouraging young people to take responsibility for their thoughts and words by removing the word “retard” from their vocabulary. David Nairn, our Artistic Director, delivers the program by way of conversation in secondary school auditoriums with primarily grade 10 students.

These candid, frank and disturbing discussions are quickly becoming an essential learning component in the curriculum of area secondary schools. 
Hopefully, students who have participated in this program are coming to realize this offensive, hateful, oppressive and vile obscenity when used in even the most casual way offends, degrades and marginalizes many vibrant people in our community. 

To enquire about having David bring this discussion to your school or group, please contact the Box Office: 519-942-3423 or email Patricia Marcello, pmarcello@theatreorangeville.ca


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