2024 Creative Partners on Stage Festival - Don't miss all the fun!!

Creative Partners on Stage neuro-diverse actors in rehearsal on a stage under multi-coloured stage lights
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In our celebratory 30th season, this year has seen a whirlwind of highs and impactful moments for our theatre community. We have celebrated with world premieres, community giveback opportunities, and we've also reminisced over the many memories we've made over these last 30 seasons. This weekend is no exception!

We are so excited for another weekend filled with memories and world premieres from May 17th - 19th at YOUR theatre!

Break Free - You ARE Enough and That's The Ticket form a double feature of the beloved Creative Partners on Stage (C.P.O.S.) original productions! Our C.P.O.S. program has been an integral part of our Theatre Orangeville mission.

A rehearsal hall is often a place filled with flowing creativity and passionate folk and there is no rehearsal hall more welcoming than one filled with C.P.O.S. actors. Often hard at work learning their lines and choreography they somehow always make time to give a big hello to any guest and invite you in to the exciting theatrical world they are creating. Nothing sparks joy quite like the C.P.O.S. casts!

After many years of experiencing and sharing that joy we are pleased to be celebrating our 20th year of C.P.O.S. productions! Working in partnership with with Community Living Dufferin to bring new works by neuro-diverse actors to the Opera House stage, this year is filled will all the bells and whistles! In this special 20th year we are pleased to recognize the work of these talented artists both onstage and off in a special Creative Partners on Stage Festival! Join us on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and be filled with the joy these actors fill our space with!

Your experience begins as you’re welcomed into the theatre to watch the first show. During an extended intermission you’ll have a chance to explore some of the talent and passions of these actors further by wandering through our artisan atrium, joining us for some sensory activities, enjoying a delicious bite from B-Social, or singing a favourite tune in the Karaoke Korner. During intermission we’ll also be collecting non-perishable food items to be donated to the Orangeville Food Bank, an organization often championed by our incredible actors.

In our upstairs lobby you can view the incredible art from lobby artist Sarah Godfrey and grab some refreshments from our concession. After the extended intermission you’ll join us back in the theatre for a second C.P.O.S. show! It’s sure to be an exciting, celebratory event and we hope you can join us for the entirety of it! Stay to watch both shows for only $40 or if you can only make it to one, tickets are $25/ea.

If you’re only making it to one show, be sure to check out the show schedule (below) and pick tickets to the show you are hoping to see.

Break Free - You ARE Enough!

What happens when a group of misfits learn the power of positivity and love? What doesn’t! Join us for the powerful show, Break Free, and watch these characters sing, dance, and discover their way to loving themselves!


  • Friday May 17th @ 6:30pm
  • Saturday May 18th @ 3:00pm
  • Sunday May 19th @ 1:00pm

That’s The Ticket

A troupe of actors is all ready for the big show, but things don’t go according to plan. It all comes down to a battle of talents, and who can get the audience on their side. That’s the Ticket is the witty and wonderful story of the secret potion that makes magic happen on stage and off. The show, after all, must go on!


  • Friday May 17th @ 8:30pm
  • Saturday May 18th @ 1:00pm
  • Sunday May 19th @ 3:00pm

Whether you’re coming to both shows or only one, we hope you enjoy this celebration with our Creative Partners on Stage Festival!

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