By the Light of a Story - Meet Our Cast!!

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Some pretty spectacular names & faces in the world of Canadian Theatre are coming together in YOUR theatre to bring the World Premiere Romantic Comedy, By the Light of a Story, to life.

As I look around the room, I find myself simply in awe of the incredible group of Superstars we have in our midst - all of whom are bringing their sensational talents together to bring something truly very special to you, our dedicated patrons! 

Drumroll please, as I introduce you to - our cast and playwright...

Our dear friend Kristen Da Silva returns to bring us another World Premiere comedy, while gracing your stage to bring this show to life are the incredible cast of Mark Crawford, Jane Spence and Daniela Vlaskalic!


You will remember Kristen DaSilva most recently from playing the role of Auroa and also as Playwright for last seasons' The Bluff. You will also no doubt also remember some of Kristen's other great comedies featured on your stage such as, The Rules of Playing Risk, Where You Are and Sugar Road.


Mark Crawford is a familiar friend to Theatre Orangeville as a playwright for his shows such as The New Canadian Curling Club, The Birds and The Bees, Stag and Doe and Boys, Girls & Other Mythological Creatures. Mark also brought his hilarious one-man show Chase the Ace to our Summer Arts Fest tent. 


Jane Spence is no stranger to our Theatre, having starred in many shows such as Same Time Next Year, A Christmas Story, Elvis and Mavis, Ed’s Garage, and Ladies Foursome. Most recently, Jane took over the Director's chair on last season's The New Canadian Curling Club.


Last, but certainly not least, is a newcomer to our stage, the lovely Daniela Vlaskalic. Daniela has performed at the Stratford Festival, Royal Manitoba Theatre, Globe Theatre, Tarragon Theatre, Lighthouse Festival Theatre and many more. Daniela is also an established playwright whose credits include Sleight of Mind, The Fox, Mules, Dora Maar: the wicked one and The Drowning Girls. I’m very excited to be welcoming Daniela to our wonderful community!


I have been enjoying every moment of directing this terrific show and watching as our brilliant design and production teams are once again creating magic to bring you yet another spectacular Theatre Orangeville production.


Hurry & get your tickets - you won't want to miss this one!

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