It's Here!! Our 31st Season Playbill Announcement - The 2024-25 Season!

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If you did not get a chance to join us in person at our annual Starlight fundraising event, and you weren't able to watch the announcement live online - FEAR NOT! We're bringing you all the details RIGHT HERE on our TOV Blog.

Our 2024-2025 Season will be our 31st Season of presenting 'Sensational Stories on YOUR Stage' — and it is not one to be missed!

As of Friday March 8th, 3 and 5 show subscriptions are on sale - and will save your seat to attend all of our fantastic shows next season. There are five mainstage productions and one add-on show (to which subscribers get a discount on tickets... another great reason to grab a subscription). Subscription packages can be sold in 3 or 5 show packages (five getting you a seat at every show, three giving you the option to pick and choose your favourites).

By becoming a subscriber, you also gain access to discounts on individual tickets purchased for family or friends who may want to join you at the shows. At up to 20% off as a 5 show subscriber, it really does make it worth it to become a Theatre Orangeville Subscriber.

Subscription sales only will run from March 8th to April 7th for new and returning subscribers. Single-show tickets will go on sale starting April 8th, 2024. So mark your calendars and be sure to grab tickets early!

Are you ready for it?? Here it is - our 31st Season Playbill:

Welcoming us back in September, our Add-On Concert Presentation will be Vegas Knights. A Marshall McHarge production, starring Derek Marshall.

Coming to us from September 19th - 22nd, 2024, tickets for this show will be available at a discount to subscribers. Call in to get your discount!

Show Description:

Theatre Orangeville is delighted to welcome back a familiar face as Derek Marshall returns with Vegas Knights as our 2024/25 Season opening concert presentation. 

Vegas Knights is a musical tribute to the greatest crooners of 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s Las Vegas. 

Delivered with charm, wit and a modern sensibility by charismatic singer, Derek Marshall, and backed by a core of live musicians, Vegas Knights hearkens to an era bound by Rat Pack sophistication and 1970’s superstars, and has drawn capacity crowds since 2005 throughout Canada and Internationally.

For our first mainstage production of our 31st Season we're excited to bring you Tip of the Iceberg, by Chris Rait, Mark Williams and Jeannine Bouw.

A Newfoundland Tale, this show appears on your stage from October 17th - November 3rd, 2024 and is available to add to any 3 or 5 show subscriptions.

Show Description:

Gordon and Archie have been friends for over 70 years, living and working in the remote fishing village of Murphy's Harbour, Newfoundland.

Through some internet research, Archie believes that he has figured out a way to physically reclaim his vigor. All that remains is the key ingredient to this elixir: Glacial ice.

Gordon decides to join his mate for an excursion out to sea, where a large iceberg is drifting a few miles offshore.

Tip of the Iceberg is a story of friendship. It is filled to the brim with original folk music and laughter and projects an inspiring message of “It’s never too late.”  

Our second mainstage production of the 2024 - 2025 Season is an all new WORLD PREMIERE Pantomime from the entertaining writing duo of Collins & Nairn. A sure-to-be NEW fan-favourite pantomime on YOUR stage. If you loved Cinderella... if the Shoe Fits (or if you missed it - shame on you!) - you won't want to miss Sleepy Beauty... A Fairy's Tale coming to us from November 28th to December 21st.

This show is the REASON you want to subscribe and secure your seats now!! As many of you will remember, our Panto had many sold out performances last year - so do yourself a favour and grab a 5 or 3 show subscription now - and be sure to make it your FIRST selection of your 3 show package!

Show Description:

Hmmmm... remember when you were little and your parents would read you to sleep with a good old fashioned fairy tale? Ahhhh, the good old days...



We take this well known story, fracture it, then put our own topsy turvy spin on it.  You will NEVER hear this tale told as we will tell it!

A pandemonium packed Panto for the whole family to love! You'll be dancing and singing in your seats! You will boo the villain and cheer for the hero! You will laugh till your face hurts. If you missed Cinderella last year, boo to you! But if you loved it, you will love that this year will have 30% more shenanigans!

Don't miss out on the sheer madness and joy that is Sleeping Beauty... A Fairy's Tale.

Coming back from our annual holiday break, our third mainstage production of our 31st Season will be The Beaver Club, by Barb Scheffler.

A rioutous roadtrip is just what we will all need to break up those winter blues! Catch it from February 6th to 23rd, 2025 on your stage. It is also available as a part of 3 and 5 show subscriptions.

Show Description:

Meet the women of The Beaver Club!

Karen is a control freak, Yvette is a no-nonsense Québécoise, Radiance is a free spirit and Eunice is a salt of the earth East-Coaster.

From scrapbooking to skinny-dipping, through laughter and tears, the women help each other face the challenges of life as they embark on a riotous road trip from Toronto to Dildo, Newfoundland!

Don't miss this hilarious and heart-warming play that has been dubbed "a new Canadian classic"!

Our fourth mainstage production sees the return of a Theatre Orangeville friend and favourite playwright, Mark Crawford's Bed & Breakfast is coming to us from March 13th to 30th, 2025.

We are so excited to bring this heart warming comedy to our springtime slot - giving us all a little something to look forward to. Bed & Breakfast is included in every 5 show subscription - and is also available as a fun-choice for any 3 show subscription!

Show Description:

Brett and Drew want to move out of their tiny downtown apartment, but they just lost their seventh bidding war in Toronto.

When Brett unexpectedly inherits the historic family home in a quiet tourist town, the couple decides to leave the city and open a B & B.

But when the boys face friction in their new community, they discover the simple life is more complicated than they thought.

With dozens of hilarious characters all portrayed by two men, Bed and Breakfast is heartfelt comedy about “being out” in a small town, skeletons in the closet, and finding a place to call home.

Our fifth and final mainstage production of our 31st Season will be a WORLD PREMIERE from a Theatre Orangeville favourite playwright - Norm Foster.

I'm in Love With Your Sister is a cheeky comedy you won't want to miss!! Coming to YOUR stage from May 1st to 18th 2025. Be SURE to add this show to your 3 show subscription choices - not only is it the last show of the year, it's a WORLD PREMIERE & it's a NORM FOSTER!!

Show Description:

I’m In Love With Your Sister, is as precise a synopsis of this story as there can possible be.

What’s the play about you ask? Well, it’s about a guy who falls in love with a woman who just happens to be the sister of the woman he is currently living with.

Well, that sounds awkward. Yes. That’s because it is awkward. Most comedies stem from some kind of awkwardness. But how does this happen? Is there an explanation?


There is a triggering incident that sets the wheels in motion, and when you see the story unfold on stage, it seems quite logical. And funny. Most importantly, it’s funny. And awkward. But funny!


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